Wednesday, June 24, 2009

KaiN suLam ChiFfoN arrivEd!~

cream-orange - SOLD!

white-red - SOLD!

white-pink - SOLD!

orange-pink - SOLD!

grey-pink - SOLD!

green-pink - SOLD!

dark shockpink - SOLD!

blue-pink - SOLD!

black-pink1 - SOLD!

Black-pink2 - SOLD!

Black-pink3 - SOLd!

hye all!~

the kain chiffon sulam tangan has arrived!~
i couldn't put it on 'patung' for more bigger view, sorry..because i dont have one:p
and cannot take focus image because my camera go 'berjalan2' at perak..huhu:p
thanks to my phone...sorry, maybe it is a bit blurry..

but.....the most important thing is its beautiful!
phew, i really wanna have it all:p

the price is affordable,
just RM 140...postage cost included.

all sold...~

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