Monday, May 17, 2010

I Am So Sorry!!Late UpdateS!~

I am so sorry everyone...
i know i am kinda senyap and no new updates here...
ade tudung sulam baru...and i didnt have a chance to show it to u yet...
forgive me....

ape2 pun stay tune k?
new updates coming soon!
i promise!

**p/s: thanks to everyone dat gimme moral support...i can handle these busybusy day for sure!

picture source:  google

why i put this picture here?
i am getting married!
(so now u know y i m so bz these days....)

saye x mengabaikan biz ini...i luv dis biz so so so so much!
i promise will update new stock sebelum tis weekend!

have a nice day gurls!