Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TudunG sUlam PariS neW arriVal!~

hye all!~

this stock - a bit limited...sowwy...
buttt....comin2 next2 you more choices, my promise!!:)

white-2 - SOLD!
white-1 - SOLD!
light-purple - SOLD!
light-orange - Reserved
dark-orange - SOLD!
cream-1 - SOLD!
blue-1 - SOLD!
black-1 - SOLD

Thursday, June 25, 2009

proMo kaiN chiffoN sulaM bukit tInggI!~

bigger view for white-pink!
very2 cute aite??!

all sold!~

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

KaiN suLam ChiFfoN arrivEd!~

cream-orange - SOLD!

white-red - SOLD!

white-pink - SOLD!

orange-pink - SOLD!

grey-pink - SOLD!

green-pink - SOLD!

dark shockpink - SOLD!

blue-pink - SOLD!

black-pink1 - SOLD!

Black-pink2 - SOLD!

Black-pink3 - SOLd!

hye all!~

the kain chiffon sulam tangan has arrived!~
i couldn't put it on 'patung' for more bigger view, sorry..because i dont have one:p
and cannot take focus image because my camera go 'berjalan2' at perak..huhu:p
thanks to my phone...sorry, maybe it is a bit blurry..

but.....the most important thing is its beautiful!
phew, i really wanna have it all:p

the price is affordable,
just RM 140...postage cost included.

all sold...~

Saturday, June 20, 2009

IkLan TudunG lagi!~

Hye all,

photo: thanks to me~hehe:D

this is how it looks like when you wear new design of tudung sulam.

Eye catching,right?

my friends and i hangout together today,
and people keep looking at her..because of that new tudung:P..i think so..:D

(she is wearing new,
** we are not 'prasan' okey:P ..hehhee...

photo: thanks to as!

very nice to wear to any occasion or hangout with friends...or etc...

soooo...hurry up!~
there's limited design,

only 1 unit available!~

p/s: for codes available, please see previous post!~

Thursday, June 18, 2009

OrdeR youR kain ChiffoN Sulam Bukit TinggI here!


order your colour now!!~

offeR end 10 Pm tonight! message your order to my phone~

OnlY RM 140 (PostagE cost included)

More colOrs!~

Code ColoRs available:~

Black-1 - SOLD
Blue-2 - SOLD
Purple-2 - SOLD
Pink-3 - SoLD
blue-3 - SOLD
orange-1 - SOLD
choc-3 - AVAILABLE

RM 45 onlY!!!(Postage cost included!!)

myred-1 - SOLd

RM 55 onlY!!(PostagE cost included!)

p/s: See previouS post for morE biggeR image!~

TuduNg Sulam Paris for You!

Code Colors availablE:~

Yellow-1- SOLD

grey-1 - SOLD
pink-2 - SoLD
purple-1 - SOLD
choc-1 - SOLD
gold-1- SOLD
grey-2 - SOLD
blue-1- SOLD
magenta-1 - SoLD
grey-3 - SoLD
choc-2 - SOLD
green-1- SOLD

RM 45 onlY(PostagE cost included!!)

p/s: see previous post for bigger image!~

Saturday, June 13, 2009

How it loOks Like When i weaR this new Tudung??

TudunG sulam Paris~

TudunG sulaM paRis SpeciaL~

Tudung Sulam Paris New Arrival, Grab Now!

SoLd - pTus

SOLD - TisyA

SOLD - TisYa


TudunG suLam PaRis SpeciaL DesigN
- BahagiaN sulamaN pada atas dan belakanG tudung

Fabric - Kain Bawal Jepun No 1, lembuT dan terletak bila digayakan
OnlY 1 unit available!~ don'T miss this limited item!

Price: OnlY RM 55 (DeliverY cost Included Sem Malaysia/ Sabah-Sarawak add RM2)

Hurry up, Book TodaY!

SoLd - aS

SoLD - FarI


SOLd - Fari


ReserveD - AS

Reserved - IzaN

SoLD - FarI



SOLd - ShifA

SoLd - ShifA

SOLD - Kak Ita

SoLd - LadY


SoLD - FarI

yellowiSh - SOLD - AiN!

dark green - SOLD - Fari

Tudung Sulam Paris~ Bahagian sulam pada atas tudung.
Fabric- Kain Bawal Jepun No.1, Sangat lembut dan terletak bila dipakai
OnlY 3 units available, grab it now!~

Price: RM 45 (You saVe RM 5!)
(delivery cost included for Sem Malaysia/ Sabah-Sarawak add RM 2)