Friday, May 29, 2009

-colour: Pink-Purple
-4 mtrs
-Fabric Chiffon
-price: RM 140 (for best price, emel me okey!)

Updates for today!

a bit tired...lots of work to do..huhu..

for chiffon sulam cantek2 dibawah;

GREY - Sold To YannE

CREAM - Available

PINK - Available

Hurry Up!:D

Thursday, May 28, 2009

neW iteMs for Sale!

beautiful aitee??

choose 1, buy 1, get 1!!!

-fabric chiffon
-4 mtrs
-need lining
-colour available: grey, cream, pink (as what u see in the pic!)
-price: Only RM 140 (for best price, emel me okey!)
email me for details!
serious buyer only:)


I AM into this BEAUTIFUL sulaman now!!!

hye all,

just wanna share with you...

i am into 'sulaman tangan benang bukit tinggi' rite now...

they' re justttt soooo ChanTek la!!!

i own 1..hehe..becoz baru berkenalan...
tp suda FALL IN LOVE with the art in a piece of fabric..hehe

My First Post

This is my first post....!
finally i created a blog on my own..hehe...
(becoz before...i view n tgk2 website org laen punye je maaa)

Nothing much to say lagi kann....
actually i have just started...
to collect info...
how to make people attracted with what im gonna sell here...
i am still 'mencari' what is the best for me and for all...:D
soooo.....guys n gurls out there, feel free to view my blog yg baru nak 'bertatih' ni...
Gudluck to me!aminnnn.....:D