Thursday, November 19, 2009

New ArriVal!!!~MiddLe November 09~

Hye all,

there's new tudung sulam here!
like always, with beautiful colors of sulam ya!~

description= all are sulam atas bawah
price= RM 50
post = RM 5

all are newly arrived!

**codes sold! - code sabs 2, sabs 3, sabs 4, sab 2, sab4,
sab 1, sabs 1 and sab 5
**code reserved! - sab 6

**codes available! - sab 3

Get discount for buy more than 1 today!~

plus, i am selling 1 Kain Sulam Ribbon here...

only RM 140,now RM 120 included postage!
code - KSR-1
color - maroon
description: bidang 60', 3 mtrs, sulam riben pada bahagian badan dan hujung tangan, sesuai dijadikan baju kurung moden atau kebaya!~
no need to lining, kain shantung

grab today, dont miss it!~