Friday, October 29, 2010

New & Limited Tudung Sulam Paris!!~

Salam everyone,
sorry for my lack of new post and updates.
i know i've been promised about new stock rite?

so the new stock happen to arrived just early this week, and here they are! 
new design & limited..and it is exclusive!

3 new design which are:

1) Sulam Atas Bawah Baru (SABB)

*sorry the pic a bit blur.. i just wanna show u the full view.

2) Sulam Atas Bawah Cantik (SABC)

*full view of SABC

3) Sulam Atas Bawah Special (SABS)

*full view of SABS

happy shopping!

Price for SABB, SABC, and SABS = RM 50 each
Please add RM 5 (Promo time! normal charge RM 7) for postage! tq!:)

[first 12 pieces]

(1) SABB 1, Black Pink, Sold! - Sofia

(2) SABB 2, White Black, Sold! - Farida

(3) SABB 3, Light Purple, Available

(4) SABB 4, Light PinkPeach, Sold! -Nadia

(5) SABC 1, White Purple, Sold! - Nadia

(6) SABC 2, Dark Purple, Sold! - Dina

(7) SABC 3, Light CocoaCream, Available

(8) SABC 4, Light Orange, Sold! - Nadia

(9) SABS 1, Dark Cocoa, Available

(10) SABS 2, Dark Green, Available

(11) SABS 3, White Purple, Available

(12) SABS 4, Light Pink, Sold! - Farida

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


new updates coming very very very soon!!!!
-maafkan keterlewatan ini ya friends!-