Thursday, February 25, 2010

anybody interested?

hellowww melllowww all....!

i have an offer her...
a very2 nice + super chanteks kain satin sulam benang + maniks + diamond2 gtuw....
4 mtr...
come with tudung sulam paris sulam benang yang satu theme...

suitable for tunang2 or akad nikah...

RM 250 Only!

*see the details below? very nice kan?
kain color - offwhite/cream

only one in stock! sms or call me if interested ya...!:D

Thursday, February 18, 2010

new stock + new design !!

sile click d picture utk bigger image yer:D
this time i would like to intro one new design...
sgt chantek...sulam manik + sulam benang...
manik very shining and sulam benang macam biasa sgt menawan ye:D
ini semua color2 yang available = 10 pcs....
color physical and dlm gambar adalah same...
intro price is RM 55 Only! postage charge is rm 5 untuk semenanjung mesia, and rm 7 untuk sabah/sarawak... 
hurry quantity nehhsss!:D

code available:
sb1 - sold!
sb3 - sold!
sb7 - sold!

perincian manik and sulam benang di sepanjang bahagian tepi tudung

perincian manik and sulam benang di bahagian bawah tudung

the full view - still xnampak semua becoz sulamnya sgt panjang!:)

pandangan dari belakang...
pandangan dari depan?
xamik pic la plak:p
ekceli sulamnye sgt panjang sampai kedepan, so bile nak gayekan tudung ni, if selempang, sulamnya nampak penuh jugak gak depan...
sgt chantek...:P

what if you guys buy 1 or two or three and then send pic gayekan tudung ni  kat i?
the best picture will win secreto pwesent!
contest start from now; 18/02/2010
until; 18/03/2010

hurryyyyyyyyy! dont miss dis offer n contest!:D

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

new updates??

sgt sowwi yer semua bcoz lame xde stock baru...
neway...coming soon!:D
middle of february, i promise!
wait yaaaaa!
p/s: masih ada dalam my stock tetudungs semua chantek2...
for best clearance price, email/sms me ya!!!